Martin Berger | CXI Brand talks | Corporate and brand identity conference

Martin Berger

Vorwerk & Co. KG, Wuppertal
Executive Vice President Corporate Marketing

Mar­tin Berg­er is both a qual­i­fied book­seller and econ­o­mist, and has worked for Vor­w­erk for the last 18 years. After numer­ous man­age­r­i­al posi­tions in mar­ket­ing and dis­tri­b­u­tion in both Ger­many and abroad (Spain, Por­tu­gal, Switzer­land), since 2007 he has been exec­u­tive vice pres­i­dent for com­pa­ny devel­op­ment and mar­ket­ing at the Vor­w­erk group. In this role, Berg­er has co-cre­at­ed the most recent com­pa­ny changes: these have led to the largest trans­for­ma­tion of Vorwerk’s pub­lic image and dis­tri­b­u­tion sys­tem in 50 years.