Uwe Hellmann | CXI Brand talks | Corporate and brand identity conference

Uwe Hellmann

Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt a.M.
Head of brand management

Uwe Hell­mann is in charge of brand man­age­ment at Com­merzbank AG. His pre­vi­ous jobs include at deputy-man­ag­er for brand man­age­ment and cor­po­rate mar­ket­ing at RWE AG, cor­po­rate brand­ing man­ag­er at Enter­prise IG (now Brand Union), and brand con­sul­tant at Hen­ri­on, Lud­low & Schmidt. Oth­er posi­tions he has held include con­sul­tan­cy and project man­age­ment at Brasil­haus N°8, design man­age­ment at MetaDe­sign and DesignZen­trum in Bre­men also cor­po­rate identity.