Dirk Huesmann | CXI Brand talks | Corporate and brand identity conference

Dirk Huesmann

wirDesign AG, Braunschweig/Berlin
Design Director

Dipl. Des. Dirk Hues­mann was born in 1971, and grad­u­at­ed from the Braun­schweig Uni­ver­si­ty of Art in 2000. Dur­ing his stud­ies he worked for wirD­e­sign in Braun­schweig, trans­fer­ring to their new­ly opened Berlin office in 2001 to take on the assign­ment of cre­ative direc­tor. Clients he has worked with include E.ON, Volk­swa­gen Finan­cial Ser­vices, Volk­swa­gen, KKH, the Ger­man fed­er­al gov­ern­ment and AVM/FRITZ!.