Jonas Kleerup

FOMO tv, Stockholm

Jonas Kleerup is an art consultant, curator and creative based in Stockholm. Following his architectural studies in Milan and London, he freelanced as a set designer, musician and antique dealer before moving back to Stockholm. In Stockholm, he opened a popular art gallery for unconventional and atypical artists, which ran between 2006-2013.


Jonas has been involved in various creative ventures including cofounding the Villa Contemporary Art pop-stores, writing for art magazines, lecturing, working as an agent, and art dealing. Recently, he’s been working as an art adviser for young collectors.


In 2015 he started FOMO tv with Pontus Djanaieff, which ran as a live streamed tv show during prominent fashion events and music festivals. Since 2018, FOMOhas mainly functioned as a vlog and a networking platform to help the creative industry with visual content.