Bastian Lindberg

Lambie-Nairn, München
Strategy Director

Bastian Lindberg has been responsible for strategy advice at Lambie-Nairn in Germany since the end of 2013. Alongside his solid expertise in telecoms branding – acquired through years working for Telefónica and o2 – Bastian provides brand development strategy advice to our national and international customers in the fields of sport, broadcasting, travel, toys and technology. While studying for his Diploma in Business Administration (majoring in marketing-communication), Bastian gained valuable experience at agencies like Jung von Matt and companies like Merck. These placements gave him a head-start in developing his profile as an expert in brand and communications, with a mixture of strategy and creativity.


Before Bastian joined Lambie-Nairn he was at Telefónica in Germany, with responsibility for developing and implementing brand and communications strategy for o2, amongst others. Prior to that he led numerous national and international strategy projects covering brand merging, brand architecture, brand positioning, branding and communications strategy. Lambie-Nairn has been developing brands for more than 30 years, which – in every environment and medium – are both authentic and commercially successful.