Maria Soni Reissfelder | CXI Brand talks | Corporate and brand identity conference

Maria Soni Reissfelder

MOIA, Berlin
Head of Marketing and Communications

Maria Soni Reiss­felder is the Head of Mar­ket­ing and Com­mu­ni­ca­tions and a found­ing mem­ber of Volk­swa­gen Group’s new on-demand mobil­i­ty com­pa­ny MOIA. Before join­ing MOIA, she worked in the auto­mo­tive and con­sul­tan­cy busi­ness and held dif­fer­ent func­tions with­in the Volk­swa­gen Group. In her pre­vi­ous posi­tion she was in charge of Volk­swa­gen Group’s Mobil­i­ty Strat­e­gy & Urban Solu­tions depart­ment. Hav­ing lived, stud­ied and worked in many dif­fer­ent places around the world, Maria now lives with her hus­band in Berlin.