Tanja Sourek

A1 Telekom Austria, Wien
Head of Marketing-Communications

Tanja Sourek is section leader for marketing communications, with responsibility for all A1 Telekom Austria’s advertising, sponsoring and brand management requirements.


Born in 1972, Tanja Sourek graduated from the Kolleg für Grafik & Design in Linz, studied journalism and communication studies at the University of Salzburg and at Leeds Beckett University’s business faculty, and worked in the graphics and design departments at the Grill + Gull and Hochegger agencies.


Between 1998 and 2003 she was in charge of brand management and CI, initially at Mobilkom Austria and then for Telekom Austria. In November 2003 Tanja Sourek became manager of marketing communications at Telekom Austria. Since the merger between A1 and Telekom Austria in 2010, the mother of a now eight-year-old son has been responsible for market communication for the Austrian telecoms market leader.


In 2013 she was chosen as Marketer of the Year.