Why CXI?

What defines the effectiveness of a corporate or brand identity project? What exactly is needed, from both client and agency? And how can such a complex process be implemented in a way that works?
Many factors are at play here – and number one is the quality of the collaboration between agency and client. This is why CXI features presentations from both sides, covering the creation and development of a project.
Selected clients and agencies will be showing TOGETHER how things look from both sides of the partnership, identifying problem areas and presenting solutions. They will give insights into the complexity and sheer breadth of what is involved in defining a project, bringing clarity to desired outcomes, decisions that are made to achieve these, and the results that can be expected.
CXI has been running since 2009, and with 1400 attendees has become the largest corporate and brand identity conference in Europe.

Fotos: Julius Stuckmann, Thomas Dahm