Gruppe Bochum

Gruppe Bochum, Bochum

The story of the Gruppe Bochum (»the Bochum Group«) desn’t just begin with Bochum’s branding competition in Summer 2014. The city’s previous image had long bothered many Bochum creatives, and over the years had come up as the topic of conversations held over and over again. Conversations that had always led to the same conclusion:we needed to do something about it. As professionals and as citizens of Bochum. Together, as basically, despite the competitive nature of the industry, everyone in the Bochum advertising scene knows and trusts one other. Our initial goal was of course to win the competition. But above all, we wanted to combine our resources and do the best for Bochum. The Gruppe Bochum consists of nine agencies, along with other individual creatives from Bochum:COMKOM° GmbH, Bettina Brakelmann Text-Projekte, anders & agenten, Gregor & Strozik Visual Identity, Martin Steffen Fotografie, Büro_Komplex, Oktober Kommunikationsdesign, Radar Musik & Unterhaltungs GmbH, Designstudio Steinert.


The Gruppe Bochum will be represented at CXI by the COMKOM° agency, Designstudio Steinert, and Oktober Kommunikationsdesign: Alexandra Steinert, Michael Steinert, Silke Löhmann, René Wynands, Carsten Köchel.